About Us

The Kings Pyramid is an entertainment company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are committed to creating high quality, simple, and innovative gaming products that deliver value and satisfaction to our esteemed customers. As a new company, we focus our ingenuity to redefining the games people play by giving each of our games a refreshing 21st century touch.

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The motivation to create this company was inspired by the distressing shortage of gaming products that actually add real value to the players. Whereas there exist countless games out there, most of them are made just for leisure and passive consumption.

Therefore, The Kings Pyramid was born out of our passionate desire to redefine the games people play by tailoring our game-design process around constructive play. Further, we strive to make our award-winning games affordable and widely accessible so that we can share the love and benefits of our games with you.

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    Our Mission

    To become a global leader in creating quality entertainment products that impact society

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    Our Vision

    To create gaming and entertainment products that improve people’s lives through constructive play